What is Metis

Metis is an open collaborative data science platform that allows agricultural and food scientists to work together using datasets securely transferred from different trusted sources. It builts on Qvantum for gathering, harmonizing, and integrating heterogeneous data from all kinds of sources (IoT, proximal and satellite sensing etc.) to support AI-powered analytics.


Scientist Empowerment

Ready-to-use datasets & toolsets allow your team to focus on their real work

Secure Access

Baked-in security ensures your organization's data are protected

Seamless Integration

Flexible APIs simplify integration of toolsets of different sub-disciplines

Flexible Deployment

Choose from on-premise, cloud or even hybrid deployment plans customized for your organization

Budget Visibility

Infrastructure management with built-in enterprise-grade monitoring and reporting

Improved ROI

Better accessibility, discoverability, and usage of critical datasets with optimized infrastructure expenditures

Related Disciplines

Agricultural Biotechnology
Agricultural Chemistry
Soil Science
Environmental Science
Animal Science
Food Science


Data sharing & discovery

Oganization-wide secure data sharing and discovery services


Multi-faceted collaboration spaces at customizable levels (project teams, groups, labs, etc.)

Data preservation

Long-term, persistent, cost-efficient data preservation

Security Management

Role-based access and Single Sign-On

Private Data

Index and search internal data through Qvantum to enable secured web-based and API access to organizational assets

Scalable Infrastructure

Elastic compute resources scaling up and down as needed, orchestrated by Kubernetes

Our promise

100 %
of your investment goes to idle infrastructure
< 10 hour
to build and deploy the first analytical workstream

Our offering

A bespoke white-label version of Metis, customized to address your data science challenges. Metis can be deployed on-premise, on your cloud infrastructure or hosted by us, your choice!