Meet Qvantum

In the heart of our bespoke services lies the Qvantum platform; a data platform, capable of gathering, harmonizing, and integrating heterogeneous data from all kind of sources (IoT, proximal and satellite sensing etc.) to support AI-powered analytics for facilitating decision making in Food Systems.

Inside Qvantum

Qvantum is based on the microservices architecture and, specifically, is designed and implemented following the event-driven paradigm.

As a result, Qvantum is a collection of services that communicate to each other by submitting and/or consuming events from a cluster of message brokers. This ensures that the services are loosely coupled, easily maintainable and testable, and can be deployed independently.

Qvantum allows fast end-to-end processing, more reliable update of existing services, easy addition of new services and rapid yet reliable delivery of end-to-end complex and large applications.

Due to the fluidity of Qvantum, services that are implemented in any programming language can be integrated to the system.

How Qvantum can help you?

Qvantum is an intelligent data platform helping agri-food organisations to generate value from their data. Qvantum connects all your data sources, combines them with open data, executes advanced AI algorithms and provides data analytics that support you on maximising value and impact.

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